Collection Assessment Reports for FY2010

Volume, Title, and Unique Books data collected on May 31, 2010.
Circulation statistics for the ALC fiscal year ending May 31, 2010.

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Aesthetics and EthicsAgriculture and Plant Culture
Anthropology & FolkloreArt
AstronomyAux. Sciences of History
BibleBiography (APL)
BotanyBridge Engineering
Broadcasting and Motion PicturesBuddhism
Building ConstructionChemical Engineering
ChemistryChristian Denominations
ChristianityCivil and Hydraulic Engineering
Classical Language and LiteratureCommerce, Accounting, & Advertising
Compact DiscsCompact Disks
Computer ScienceCriminology
DVDDoctrinal Theology
Dramatic Representation & ProseEclectic Medicine
EducationElectrical Engineering
Environmental ScienceEnvironmental Technology
Fiction (Dewey Only)Finance and Public Finance
Forestry, Animal Culture, & HuntingGeneral Works
HandicraftsHighway and Railroad Engineering
History (General)History -- Africa
History -- AmericasHistory -- Asia
History -- Europe (excluding UK)History -- Great Britain
History -- Oceania and GypsiesHistory -- Texas
Home EconomicsHuman Anatomy
Human CommunicationInternal Medicine
JudaismJuvenile Materials
Language (General)Language -- Catalan
Language -- EnglishLanguage -- French
Language -- GermanLanguage -- Germanic
Language -- GreekLanguage -- Hebrew
Language -- LatinLanguage -- Modern European
Language -- OrientalLanguage -- Other
Language -- PortugeseLanguage -- Romanian and Italian
Language -- Slavic and FinnishLanguage -- Spanish
Language -- West GermanicLanguage -- Yiddish
Libraries and BibliographyLiterature -- American
Literature -- EnglishLiterature -- French
Literature -- GermanLiterature -- Greek
Literature -- ItalianLiterature -- Latin
Literature -- Other GermanicLiterature -- Portugese
Literature -- SpanishLiterature History & Collections
Literature of MusicLiterature, General Collections
MF Aesthetics and EthicsMF Agriculture and Plant Culture
MF Anthropology & FolkloreMF Art
MF AstronomyMF Aux. Sciences of History
MF BibleMF Botany
MF Bridge EngineeringMF Broadcasting and Motion Pictures
MF BuddhismMF Building Construction
MF Chemical EngineeringMF Chemistry
MF Christian DenominationsMF Christianity
MF Civil and Hydraulic EngineeringMF Classical Language and Literature
MF Commerce, Accounting, & AdvertisingMF Computer Science
MF CriminologyMF Doctrinal Theology
MF Dramatic Representation & ProseMF Education
MF Electrical EngineeringMF Environmental Science
MF Environmental TechnologyMF Fiction (Dewey Only)
MF Finance and Public FinanceMF Forestry, Animal Culture, & Hunting
MF General WorksMF Geography
MF GeologyMF Handicrafts
MF History (General)MF History -- Africa
MF History -- AmericasMF History -- Asia
MF History -- Europe (excluding UK)MF History -- Great Britain
MF History -- Oceania and GypsiesMF History -- Texas
MF Home EconomicsMF Human Anatomy
MF Human CommunicationMF Internal Medicine
MF IslamMF Journalism
MF JudaismMF Juvenile Materials
MF Language (General)MF Language -- English
MF Language -- FrenchMF Language -- German
MF Language -- HebrewMF Language -- Latin
MF Language -- OrientalMF Language -- Other
MF Language -- PortugeseMF Language -- Romanian and Italian
MF Language -- SpanishMF Libraries and Bibliography
MF Literature -- AmericanMF Literature -- English
MF Literature -- FrenchMF Literature -- German
MF Literature -- ItalianMF Literature -- Latin
MF Literature -- PortugeseMF Literature -- Spanish
MF Literature History & CollectionsMF Literature of Music
MF Literature, General CollectionsMF Manufactures
MF Marriage and FamilyMF Mass Media
MF MathMF Mathematical Logic
MF Mechanical EngineeringMF Medicine
MF Medicine (General)MF Microbiology
MF Military ScienceMF Mining & Metallurgy
MF Motor Vehicles & AeronauticsMF Music
MF Natural History & General BiologyMF Naval Science
MF NursingMF Oceanography
MF OratoryMF Pathology
MF Performing ArtsMF Philology
MF PhilosophyMF Photography
MF PhysicsMF Physiology
MF Political Science and LawMF Psychiatry & Neuropsychiatry
MF PsychologyMF Public Aspects of Medicine
MF Recreation and LeisureMF Religion
MF Science (General)MF Scores
MF Social ServicesMF Socialism, Communism, & Anarchy
MF Societies, Communities, & RaceMF Sociology and Social History
MF Sports MedicineMF Statistics and Economics
MF SurgeryMF Technology (General)
MF Therapeutics and PharmacologyMF Transportation and Communications
MF Writing and BooksMF Zoology
ManufacturesMarriage and Family
Mass MediaMath
Mathematical LogicMechanical Engineering
MedicineMedicine (General)
MicrobiologyMilitary Science
Mining & MetallurgyMotor Vehicles & Aeronautics
MusicMusical Instruction and Study
Natural History & General BiologyNaval Science
Performing ArtsPhilology
Political Science and LawPsychiatry & Neuropsychiatry
PsychologyPublic Aspects of Medicine
Recreation and LeisureReligion
Science (General)Scores
Social Sciences (General)Social Services
Socialism, Communism, & AnarchySocieties, Communities, & Race
Sociology and Social HistorySpeech Pathology
Sports MedicineStatistics and Economics
SurgeryTechnology (General)
Therapeutics and PharmacologyTransportation and Communications
VideosWord Processing
Writing and BooksZoology

Grand Total