The Abilene Library Consortium (ALC) is a regional nonprofit organization for all types of libraries, museums, and information organizations. The ALC enables partnerships and collaborations, offering digital, virtual and in-person services and resources including library information systems, digitization, and expert consulting.

Our mission is to:

DELIVER higher-quality library services to our communities,

SHARE resources, and

COLLABORATE with member libraries.

Our VISION is to be a nationally-recognized organization, advancing the missions of our member libraries at an equitable cost.

We offer support and services in four strategic areas:

TECHNOLOGY: Supporting our libraries with technology that is sustainable and meets the needs of all consortium members.

RESOURCE SHARING: Identifying opportunities to improve services by leveraging purchase power and sharing resources.

INNOVATION: Keeping your library aware of new products, services, databases, and trends in the library profession.

GROWTH: Strengthening our collective resources and purchasing power by continually improving service offerings and actively seeking new partnerships and consortium members.

COLLABORATION: We work together to support the individual needs of the member libraries, their communities, and the consortium.

TRUST: We demonstrate honesty and integrity to one another and to our communities.

RESILIENCE: We are dedicated to running a sustainable organization that meets the long-term needs of the libraries.

VALUE: We strive to provide high-quality solutions at a lower price than would otherwise be attainable by the individual members.