From the daily archives: "Monday, September 5, 2016"

It has been a year since the ALC traveled to the University of North Texas Libraries with over 3,000 architectural drawings and blue prints from the David S. Castle collection.  With funding from a TexTreasures grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Texas State Library and Archives, this project was designed to preserve and digitize Texas’ architectural history during the first 60 years of the 20th century.  Since that trip in September of last year, almost 800 items from this collection have been added to the West Texas Digital Archives and made accessible at online.

David Castle is known for his impact on Texas architecture with iconic buildings that remain in use today.  His prolific designs of churches, schools, hotels, hospitals, courthouses, and shopping centers are evident throughout West Texas.  Because almost everyone in the western part of the state has stepped foot in a Castle building at some time during their lifetime, the ALC wanted to preserve this legacy.  It has been a massive, labor intensive project requiring hundreds of ALC and UNTL staff hours and we’re not finished yet!

Due to successful partnerships with archivist Dr. Mary Lee Bartlett, UNTL, and the architecture firm Tittle-Luther/Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc., we have been able to preserve and provide open access to the David S Castle collection. In the coming months, we will deliver the 2nd half of the collection to UNTL for digitization, description, and hosting on the WTDA and the Portal to Texas History.  Once completed, this almost three-year long project will provide digital access to over 6,000 sheets of Texas’ architectural heritage.

Batch two of the Castle Drawings are boxed up and ready for transport!